This Girl Was Drinking 3 Cups of Green Tea a Day, What Happened to Her Left Doctors Speechless!

A sixteen-year-old girl in the UK was dealing with abdominal issues, headaches and nausea.

She was diagnosed with infection of the urinary tract, and antibiotics and home treating were prescribed to her by the doctors.

Sadly, after two doses of antibiotics, her state got even worse. She had to return to the hospital and there she received a second diagnose which was – jaundice.

The doctors soon found out that the girl had consumed Chinese green tea because she wanted to lose some weight, and that her consumption of this tea that she has bought on the internet has done more damage to her body than good. She had used this tea for several months and has been drinking three cups daily, even though all instructions were written in Chinese.

She was given the necessary help and she was taken care of with a proper therapy right away, by the tea she had consumed was taken for further examination and it has been found that the tea included an ingredient called “Camellia sinesis”. This evergreen plant was used in the tea even though it is known to incite hepatitis in girls.

This case was remembered by the doctors and served them as a warning that extreme consumption of green tea may lead to liver disease and should be consumed in limited quantities.

Not only that, green tea also may contain even more harmful compounds and everyone should be careful when using it. These harmful compounds are pesticides, which are thought to contribute to weight loss.

Our sincere advice for you is to be careful and not to use the green tea in large quantities, because it can cause more damage to your body than good when it’s over-consumed. This is applicable to other foods as well, because any type of food when consumed in excess amounts can become harmful for your health.

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