When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Recommended Him To Try This Miraculous Mixture And It Was A Success!

Do you think it is possible to use baking soda and molasses in the fight against cancer?

There is one example, a man called Vernon Johnston used the two ingredients and was able to treat aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer, which also metastasized into his bones.

Mr. Johnston was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, so his son decided to do a couple of  researches and discovered that his father should pay attention on making better his pH for the sole reason that cancer is not able to enter into an alkaline environment. His son wish was to discover a natural way to lift his father’s pH because his father didn’t liked the idea of having to receive some painful and harmful orthodox treatment. They ordered cesium chloride via mail, because Vernon was suggested to take this in order to increase his pH, however that cesium chloride never came at his home. So, he started nervously looking for some other source of increasing his pH level within the alkaline range.

After reading and finding out information he discovered that making a mix of baking soda and molasses is the most amazing natural way of treating cancer.


Vernon kept a diary and wrote everything in it. Plus, he practiced breathing exercises in order to help the increased oxygenation started by the surprising rise of the pH from sodium bicarbonate. The anaerobic cancer cells are not able to deal with oxygen.

Cancer cells as it was said enter in fermenting sugar and not in breathing oxygen in order to survive. The maple syrup it is used like a Trojan horse to permit high pH bicarbonate of soda to infiltrate cancer cells and upset them with a surprising surge of alkalinity to oxygenate them and take them to their destruction.

Vernon used this remedy every day, plus in the meantime he was doing another exercises good for his disease. The two ingredients protect the body and they prevent the cancer cells to outspread.

Always remember that if you decide to use an alternative therapy against cancer all of that includes avoiding eating processed food and sugars – most importantly those sugars that fire up the growth of the cancer.

When a couple of weeks had passed, Vernon received the results from his medical tests which showed that he is completely clean of prostate and bone cancer. In 2008 into a local newspaper in the area of Anza in California into The Valley News in 2009 the story about Vernon was written. And of course even today Vernon tells his story.