Recipe From Our Grandmothers – Mix Two Ingredients And Let Your Smile GLOW!

You can use this 2 ingredients recipe to white your teeth.

You will have great and glow smile with mixing only two ingredients. This recipe was used a long time ago by our grandmothers.

You need just 30g sodium bicarbonate and one lemon.

How it’s done:

Mix the sodium bicarbonate with the juice from the lemon. It will create foam, so wait for the reaction to be done. Take a piece of cotton and dip it into the mixture. Put the cotton piece on your teeth. Let it stay like this for 60 seconds.

Important: you will have to wash your mouth of sodium bicarbonate and lemon. If it stays for a long time, the acid will rust the tooth glade, and with repeating it often you can damage your teeth.

Warning:  if you do this often, wait until two hours to brush your teeth, don’t brush straightaway.

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