Poisonous plants that you must immediately throw away from the house

Every family has a few favorite herbs and plants that they should throw away because they are toxic. Particularly if you have a little kid or pet, you should expel away quickly from the balcony, yard or shelf in the room.


These awesome flower is great for your garden, but be careful if you have them. It occurs poisoning with stomach pain, difficulty breathing, paralysis and even coma if accidentally come to consume of the flower.


This plant is especially attractive to children’s hands because it can have white, pink or red color. But only one flower can lead to poisoning. Some of the symptoms are slowed heart rate, drowsiness and exhaustion of the body.


You must remove this plant if you have pets in your home. It can appear accidentally in your garden. Hemlock has poison from the branches, smells of carrot and also attracts pets. It directly attacks the nerves if it’s bitten. In the gentler races and even in humans can happen terrible consequences for life.

Yellow narcissus

The root in the yellow narcissus is the most poisonous. Think 2 times before you plant it, even it looks awesome. If your pet dig in the ground and bite the root, take it to the wet immediately. The first signs of poisoning are diarrhea, cramps, vomiting and arrhythmias.

English yew

In this flower seed is the most poisonous, but also the leaves are not safe. In this plant there are alkaloids that can cause paralysis, convulsions, and even rupture of the heart.


This awesome plant that cheats your eyes contain perilous toxin cyanide. Individuals and pets should to eat a lot of this plan to come to poisoning, yet why would risk?


The vegetarian liquid in the flower’s leaves can irritate the skin and the mouth. If is taken, can lead to swelling of the throat, stomach issues and even difficulty breathing. The reactions are not so often, but you better remove the green philodendrons far away from your pets and children.

Source : www.cuisineandhealth.com