Pineapple, Cinnamon And Oats Smoothie For Strengthening the Tendons and Ligaments on Your Knees

Our joints are a part of our body on which the whole body structure depends. One of them is the knees, which carry the key function. Thanks to your knees, all activities, such as walking, running, holding in the right posture, jumping, and standing, are being performed by your body.

But, as time passes, knees can become loose and damaged because of some injuries and wounds. Ligaments and tendons can lose their flexibility because they lose their natural lubrication.

You have to keep your knees strong, regardless of your age and other factors. They always have to be ready for sudden and fast movements.

The same goes for your tendons and ligaments, too because the support of your entire body depends on their flexibility and strength.

If you want to keep them strong and flexible, use our super-natural smoothie recipe! Consuming this smoothie will help you restore the natural lubrication of your knees and strengthen their structure. It will also provide a better lifestyle for you.

It is consisted of three powerful ingredients: pineapple, cinnamon and oats.

This smoothie is full of vitamin C, magnesium, silicon, and bromelain. These compounds are known for their anti-inflammatory effects and their strong ability to reduce pain.


  • a cup of instant oatmeal
  • 40 grams of honey
  • 7 grams of cinnamon
  • 40 grams of crushed almonds
  • a cup of fresh orange juice
  • 250 milliliters of water
  • 2 cups of pineapple chunks


First, cook the oats. Then, stir in two cups of fresh orange juice.

After that, add the honey, the almonds, the pineapple chunks, and the cinnamon to this mixture and pour it into a blender. Blend until it becomes smooth.

Before you finish with the blending, add the oatmeal and process everything once again to get a homogenous mixture. If you like your smoothie to be cool, add several ice cube inside. Enjoy!