Amazing Herb That Kills Cancer Cells in 48 Hours – 100 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy

Dandelion tea impacts cancer cells, by crumbling them inside in a period of 48 hours, therefore not letting healthy ones to be affected.

This dandelion tea has a number of medicinal goods, but sadly it is ignored a lot. Anyway you should simply to pick it on clean fields, far from stream of traffic.

Elders have realized that the dandelion syrup contains numerous medical ingredients, only for us today to realize that the core of the dandelion can help people experiencing cancer.

Researchers have found that the base of this amazing herb does the job better than chemotherapy in light of the fact that it destroys just the cancer cells

At the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry -The University of Windsor in Canada a group of researchers obtained promising results, bringing back hope and optimism to patients with cancer.

They discovered that dandelion effectively terminates the cells affected by cancer, without affecting the healthy ones in the body.

Regarding the research dandelion influences cancer cells, in a manner that it decimates them within 48 hours, amid which time solid cells will not be affected.

Due to the facts mentioned and determination of continual treatment on account of the astounding results, the group of specialists got extra funding and support to keep studying this amazing herb.

John Di Carlo, a 72 year old man, saw the healing properties of dandelion, after unsuccessful medication intake for a long of time.

He’s been drinking tea from dandelion, and just four months later, he experienced complete remission, as Webtribune published.

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