Top 7 Herbs That Naturally Kill Parasites In Humans

If you are dealing with symptoms like headaches, appetite reduction or unnatural hunger, constant candida infection, chronic fatigue, gum hemorrhage, mood changes, anemia, skin issues or food allergies, your body might be under attack of a parasite.

Of course, the described symptoms can be a sign of different issues as well, so make sure to check with your doctor. If you already did this, and found out the unpleasant truth of having unwanted tenants, here is no reason to panic. With these natural remedies, you will get your health in order in no time.


Garlic is a great organic antibiotic that kills many types of fungi and vermin. The best way to take it is in form of an essential oil, because that’s the easiest way to reach allicin, the compound that you need to solve your problems.


You need to destroy tapeworms? Try seed products. Turn cucumber seeds into powder and add a small spoon to any of your daily drinks.


Grind a split cup of raw pumpkin seed and add to your drinks or salads. This ingredient was used against tapeworms in ancient China.


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While consuming any natural remedies against parasites, make sure to also consume probiotics, like kefir or sauerkraut. This will keep your friendly germs in function while you are destroying the harmful ones.


Blend turmeric with pepper and coconut essential oil. In this form, it will be a potent remedy against parasites.


Clove is extremely successful in dealings with cholera, scabies, Candida, Malaria and Streptococcus.


The best way to consume ginger is in a fresh form, especially if you are having problems with mucus or the digestive system.

According to the College of Annapolis, these are the other natural remedies against parasites: Anise, Barberry, Curly mint, Wormwood, Dark Walnuts, Oregon Grape and Goldenseal.

Other good advice includes getting enough sleep and drinking enough water, so your body could gain enough strength to fight the germs.